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I am a Wairarapa based specialist offering advisory and representation services throughout New Zealand.

I have extensive experience advising and representing small and large organisations in all aspects of employment law and industrial relations in both a private practice and in-house capacity.

I also have extensive experience in liquor licensing. As legal adviser for Hospitality New Zealand for almost 10 years I have a deep understanding of the hospitality industry. I have also worked in government and for a leading boutique law firm in Wellington.

I have conducted hundreds of negotiations and mediations for a wide range of clients across New Zealand and appeared successfully before the Employment Relations Authority and Alcohol Regulatory Licensing Authority.


I am a Wairarapa based Human Resources Consultant offering Human Resource advisory services throughout the lower North Island, New Zealand.

I have extensive experience advising and supporting shifts in culture and practice in the way businesses interact and engage with their employees for small, medium and large organisations.

I have worked in government, retail, logistics, timber, local council, education, emergency services, charity and crown entities. These experiences have given me the skills to tailor services to your business needs and your leadership / management style.

Some examples of things I look at: are you an employer of choice or last choice? I can help you shift to be the business all employees want to work for. Are your policies and procedures up to date and practices legal? I can help you ensure you tick all the compliance boxes.

Got tricky situations with your team? I can help you shift behaviours to be the type of work place everyone wants to work at.

Our working style.

We can work together with clients or separately. We get to know you and your circumstances to best support you to be the people leader you want to be and deal with issues your way. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and goals wherever and whenever it suits. We don’t just work 9 to 5.

Please also connect with us on LinkedIn and find us on Facebook to stay up to date.


We both offer high quality advice and representation gained from our various experiences at very reasonable prices.

We can provide estimates for all services. Our fee is likely to be based on the complexity, skill and expertise required to deliver the most effective outcome according to any particular requirements you might have. For ongoing work we will likely give you a fixed hourly rate. We both get satisfaction from meeting your needs in a timely and useful way. If it takes less than 20 minutes, we are unlikely to charge.

We will also follow up any advice by email if requested and provide testimonials if required.

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AJH Consulting


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AJH Consulting


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We offer the following


We are Wellington region based specialists offering advisory and representation services throughout New Zealand. 


We can provide specialist employment law advice including:

  • Practical advice on all aspects of employment relations including the drafting and interpretation of individual and collective employment agreements, Holidays Act, performance management and disciplinary procedures, change processes and restructures and privacy issues
  • Preparation of workplace policies, settlement agreements and contracts for services
  • Workplace investigations
  • Risk advice and litigation options
  • Representation for personal grievances, disputes, mediation and employment agreement negotiations.

Human Resource Consultancy

We can provide end to end employee lifecycle advisory and support to your business either inhouse or on an adhoc basis and can include a Business WOF to assess your current practices. This includes:

  • Recruitment including looking at how a role will be shaped and what it could deliver
  • Onboarding – starting well
  • Policies and procedures – review, establish and linkages
  • Learning, development and performance appraisals
  • Issue resolution including facilitated conversations
  • Remote work set up – is the environment right for your type of work
  • Change management – support, readiness, process and wellbeing
  • Assistance with keeping records of meetings and negotiations


  • Supporting the employee lifecycle (onboarding, developing, performing, offboarding)
  • Nipping issues in the bud – resolving issues early
  • Wellbeing
  • Behaviour – team work, getting to know each other and how your people behave

Liquor Licensing & Promotions

Advice on all aspects of liquor licensing including:

  • The interpretation of sale of alcohol legislation
  • Advice on special licences and alcohol promotions
  • Preparation of host responsibility and noise management plans
  • Assistance with licensing applications, including representation before District Licensing Committees, the Alcohol Regulatory Licensing Authority and other regulatory bodies.

Health & Safety

  • Advice on general duties and obligations
  • Advice on the interpretation and application of legislation
  • Preparation of and review of policies, procedures and resources.

Compliance Checks

  • Practical advice on compliance with wage and holidays legislation including site visits and audits
  • Assistance with record keeping including wage and time records and holiday and leave records
  • Assistance with keeping records of meetings and negotiations
  • Tailored seminars and training workshops


Preparation and assistance with advocacy at a local and national level including local alcohol polices, compliance consultation and law reform including appearing before select committees.

Food Safety

  • Advice on food safety regulations including the Food Act
  • Preparation and review of food control plans


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